BPRO Meets with MPP Robin Martin

BPRO President Ted Butler met with Robin Martin and representatives from her staff in early July. The purpose of the meeting was to ensure MPP Martin was fully briefed on the proposed development for 3180 Yonge Street and the concerns of local residents regarding the building’s excessive height and density, lack of neighbourhood amenities, and safety issues.

Martin listened to the concerns raised, as well as the process and approval issues caused by the conflict between municipal by-laws and provincial priorities. She was open to hearing about residents’ concerns, and also raised the issue of additional enrollment in local schools—something that has been removed from both the provincial and municipal development approval process, instead falling under the purview of local school boards.

The meeting ended on a positive note, with Martin’s staff requesting follow up information be sent in writing. Please click to read our follow up correspondence to her:  BPRO Letter to MPP Robin Martin