BPRO Advocacy and Community Engagement Update

Block of retailers on Yonge Street where the new development is proposed. Photo credit: Craig Smith

Ever since NYX Capitol Corporation first made their 3180 Yonge Street application, BPRO recognized the significant issues with the proposal and has been active on the file.
We opened a dialogue with the City planner overseeing the file (Cathie Ferguson) and BPRO President Ted Butler met directly with a representative from the developer (Tim Jessop, Vice President, NYX Capital Corporation). We have also been in regular communication with Councillor Mike Colle and his staff, as well as Councillor Jaye Robinson, whose district will also be impacted.
Joining with neighbouring resident organizations adjacent to the development, we sent a group letter to decision-makers, and continue to work together.
In early May, the city announced a Community Consultation Meeting with almost no notice and limited communications to residents living directly adjacent to the proposed development. BPRO sprang into action to ensure that as many people as possible were aware of the meeting, initiating a poster campaign, household flyers, and email outreach. In the end, more than 450 concerned residents attended the meeting, and feedback on the proposal was highly negative.
At the same time, BPRO began an outreach campaign with BPRO members to keep them apprised of developments and encourage participation through an email and letter-writing advocacy campaign. The City and Councillor Colle’s office also received nearly 250 letters of concern.
The level of community engagement is a powerful statement to decision-makers and a reminder that, together, our voices are even stronger.