Community Yard Sale

Dear Member/Resident of Bedford Park

I am very sorry to inform everyone that as a Board we weren’t able to coordinate the set-up of the Yard Sale for this coming Saturday. The good news is that Lytton Park to the south of us is moving forward with theirs and the weather should be extremely cooperative!

We will consider trying another date sometime in the early fall however not being able to pull it off is more reflective of an on-going problem that we are having at the Board level. We are under staffed. The BPRO Board of directors is made up of volunteers who are at various stages of life. Most of us are still working in some capacity. A few are retired but very active with other non BPRO activities. Either way we all feel that more hands would make for less work and ultimately a better BPRO!

Our specific need is for people that would enjoy getting our communications out to the membership. Ideally, we would like to see up to three people who could support this role as it tends to be the backbone of keeping our membership both informed and involved.

We also could use people who would be interested in working with the development of a BIA on Avenue Road as well as some other projects that will be run out of Councillor Mike Colle’s office.

I promise its not a ton of time but its time the Board could really use to help us make our special Bedford Park neighbourhood that much better.

Many thanks for your consideration and on going support.

If you have any questions about what’s involved to get involved, please email us at

Thank you