BPRO Letters to Stakeholders

BPRO has been active in advocating on behalf of members of our community since the application by NYX Yonge LP for the proposed development at 3180 Yonge Street was submitted. Here are some of our communications with stakeholders and decision-makers.

Each date, as underlined below, will link to the letter.

  • December 13, 2020 – Initial letter from BPRO President Ted Butler to Matt Armstrong, Planner, Community Planning regarding the Zoning By-law Amendment Application.
  • February 17, 2021 – Letter from BPRO President Ted Butler to Councillor Mike Colle outlining in great detail BPRO’s concerns regarding the developer’s Zoning By-law Amendment Application.
  • February 26, 2021 – BPRO participated in a group letter with Lytton Park Residents’ Organization, Bedford-Wanless Ratepayers Association, Teddington Park Residents Association, York Mills Heights Residents’ Association, The York Mills Valley Association, and the Uptown Yonge Neighbourhood Alliance to the North York Community Council meeting March 1, 2021 regarding the Zoning By-Law Amendment. This letter was sent to the Council, with copies sent to Councillor Mike Colle, Councillor Jaye Robinson and the city planning department.