250 Lawrence – Update

Following participation in a City-led site plan working group, we are extremely disappointed to learn that certain deliverables discussed and promised at the LPAT hearing are not happening. The Douglas Greenbelt ravine will not be completed, restored, or built in any way, shape or form. In addition, the park that is to be built on the property of 219 Glengarry Avenue is, at this point, unfunded and risks being derelict for years until the City of Toronto finds the funds to complete it.

We are also discouraged to hear that Lawrence Avenue could lose a lane during the demolition and construction phases of the site. Lane closures will destroy traffic flow along Lawrence, funnelling frustrated motorists into our neighbourhood streets and impacting pedestrian safety.

Your Board is not satisfied with the outcome of these meetings. We will continue to voice our concerns to the relevant parties asking to improve the ravine, finish the park and deny lane closures.

This building sets an unfortunate precedent for future development in our area, particularly at the north-east corner of Lawrence and Avenue Road. BPRO will be keeping a vigilant eye on development plans, especially as they impact the safety of our pedestrians.