Federal Candidates Meeting

Photo: Simon Houpt

BPRO and Fairlawn Avenue United Church co-presented the Federal Candidates Meeting on September 25.  We estimate between 200 – 225 people attended.  The candidates who took part were:

Reuben DeBoer, Green
Marco Mendicino, Liberal
Alexandra Nash, NDP
Michael Staffieri, PPC

Chani Aryeh-Bain, the PC candidate, did not participate.

The meeting began with each party representative giving an overview of their party’s platform as well as their connection and commitment to our riding of Eglinton-Lawrence.  The format then shifted to questions from the floor.

There was a long line of people at the microphone to ask questions, including several young people, even some too young to vote in this election.  They weren’t afraid to hold the politicians’ feet to the fire.  While many topics were raised, they were all secondary to the main issues of the night – climate change and affordable housing.

Thank you to Fairlawn Avenue United Church for their leadership in hosting this event, particularly to Kathy Salisbury and John Ryerson, and to Laura Schlee for moderating.

Special thanks to the volunteers for BPRO:

Siobhan Farrer, without whom we could not have fulfilled our commitment to this event, also Carolyn Clark, Danielle Heath, Neil McLennan, James Farrer and Sean Wieder.  Thanks also to Bonnie Langlois, who generously donated her expertise and printing for our tabletop signage.